Executive Recruitment

Adult Services

Expanding, Strengthening and Transforming

At Swindon Borough Council, we are expanding, strengthening and transforming our Adults Services teams to fulfil our pledge of ensuring we help people to help themselves, whilst always protecting the most vulnerable.


We are expanding our Adults Services teams, a reflection of our commitment to providing the best service to our residents and building on our excellent relationships with our partner organisations.

Our Adult Social Care teams comprise of: Older People & Physical Disability, Hospital, Reablement, Safeguarding, Mental Health, Deprivation of Liberty and Best Interest Assessment.

Our expansion includes a number of roles at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, where we have introduced a new working pattern of 5 days out of 7, moving away from the standard 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday approach to promote flexibility and stronger relationships with our NHS colleagues.

We have just recruited a Principal Social Worker, this role is fundamental to our ongoing investment in the development and professional support of our Social Work teams.

In addition, we are creating a MASH (multi-agency Safeguarding Hub), with Social Worker and support roles being recruited, working closely with our Police and Health teams.

Our Assessment and Review team has also been increased to meet demand and embed new strength based ways of working with people to achieve better outcomes for all.


We place the individual and their strengths at the centre of everything we do. This is why we have started the implementation of strength-based conversations assessments in all our areas.

We are improving our technology, with the ECLIPSE data base being transformed to embed strength-based tools in the system, making the important date entry requirements more efficient.

We promote collaborative decision making from the beginning, strengthening our working practices with our residents, colleagues and partners.


We are supporting a cultural change within the communities we serve, which evolves and is continually refined based on our learnings to build a service that works for everyone. Its focus is community-led support, encouraging and supporting residents to help them to help themselves, making sure that in our communities, older people, disabled and vulnerable residents are safe and able to live their lives with as much independence as possible.